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Rowan ( Blood Crave Series #2 ) Book Tour and Review

Series: (Blood Crave #2)

Author:  Christina Channelle

Genre: Young-adult fiction

Other Books in the Blood Crave Series: Dahlia (#1)

Fallen Tears (#1.5)

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Book Blurb: Dark. Night. Death.

Things Rowan has been trying to avoid for the many years since she was first turned. Her choice: to sleep away the darkness; it beats having to deal with the craziness of life. Or rather, death. However soon after awakening, she stumbles upon a lone figure whose presence is shrouded with mystery.

She assists him in his search for answers making it even more difficult for Rowan to forget her past. She realizes she can’t hide forever as she is literally being sucked back into her chaotic world: a world where both fallen angels and vampires exist, manifested on earth as lapsus and lamia.

Not particularly … friendly with one another.

Rowan struggles to resist her hunger as a demon vampire while dealing with unwanted desires for a fallen angel from the past: a relationship that could only spell trouble. Not to mention the unresolved feelings she still has for a loved one from long ago. While all of this is happening, they must all seek the hidden evil that hunts them—for there’s an ancient fighting to wake up and destroy everything Rowan holds dear.

My Rant: Rowan was intriguing.  This action filled YA fiction surprised me I did not think the book would be as good as it was, it was even better.
It was easy to make a connection to the characters especially Rowan, Sam, Remy, and lets not forget our characters Dahlla and Greyson who make an appearance I the story.  Rowan awakes to find a body half dead and half alive and is compelled to save the being so she turns him into a vampire. But their are things about this being that are kept a mystery and its like someone erased his memory on purpose which leaves us the readers and the characters with a lot of questions.  The suspense is killing me. The plot begins to take you on a ride of the unknown and there are things that are happening to our characters that is not explained. But as you continue to read things are being revealed slowly. I love the way the author just keeps you at the edge of your seat. Rowan needs to start facing her past, which was hard to do but at some point either its going to find you or you find it either way you  cannot continue to run from it. 

My Recommendation: 

I love the characters the storyline and the action. I rated this book 4 out of 5 Purple Rant Hearts and would recommend this book to Paranormal YA readers.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.

About The Author:

A dreamer, Christina Channelle holds two degrees in health sciences but has always had a passion for writing.

You will find her reading other young adult novels, or typing up a new story on her computer.
Outside of writing, she enjoys movies, music, and has recently embraced a new-found love for sushi.

She resides in Ontario, Canada.

Connect with Christina:

Happy Ranting and Raving!!!

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