Saturday, October 20, 2018

Spotlight Part 1: Tatiana by Rose Flynn

Title: Part 1: Tatiana

Author: Rose Flynn

Series: Broken Winged Angel Series

Genre: Thriller/ Dark Romance

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: June 21 2018



When nursing student Jane graduated a semester early and returned home for Christmas break she expected to spend the time visiting her depressed mother, who developed a nasty drug habit after the death of Jane’s father. Jane was instead greeted by her mother being held at gunpoint by her drug dealer “Big Daddy.” In a desperate attempt to save her mother’s life, Jane agrees to work off her mother’s debt as one of Big Daddy’s “entertainers.”

In an instant, Big Daddy has taken everything from Jane including her family, her name and her freedom. As Jane adjusts to her new life as Tatiana, the sex worker, she desperately attempts to hold on to her identity, dignity and any semblance of safety or normalcy. She struggles to navigate the dynamics of living and working with the other girls and how best to cope with servicing the club patrons. Will Jane survive and continue to recognize the woman she sees in the mirror each day?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fallen Sun by Harule Stokes

Title: Fallen Sun

Author: Harule Stokes

Series: Interconnected Standalone to Sectors
with No Series Name
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction Thriller
Publisher: One Wave Publishing
Release Date: May 15 2016
Edition/Format: 1st Edition/ Format ~ eBook &
1st grade teacher turned super-soldier struggles to keep her
two sisters-in-arms safe during a bloody war. But, the process that created
these powerful living weapons is also turning some into psychopathic,
schizophrenic killers.
"You think being a genetically enhanced super-soldier
is hard? Trying being a 1st grade teacher."
That was a joke Jocelyn use to say to her teammate in
training camp. Today, many of those she befriended in camp are dead. Desperate to
keep her two sisters-in-arms alive, Jocelyn is willing to throw herself into
any challenge. Sadly, that's going to be harder than she thought, because
Ophelia is slowing going mad and Patricia is just a normal human who just
happens to be an incredible sniper... but still just normal.
How do you defeat foes that can turn the earth herself
against you?
How do you defeat foes that can dodge bullets?
How do you defeat foes who've already signed their own death
With the war between the Northern Alliance and Keynosa
leaving both of their lands in ruins, Jocelyn's and her team are finally poised
to win and end the war for good. But, a new weapon, one that can instantly stop
even a super-soldier with a single shot, has hit the battlefield.
Together, Patricia, Jocelyn and Ophelia are sent on a
mission to destroy this new weapon and their enemy is willing to throw all they
have to stop them. These living war machines are in a race against two enemies,
but which will destroy them first? The lethal new weapon from Keynosa or their
own inner demons?

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