Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Salome's Story from The Not-So Dead by Isaiyan Morrison

•°• A THRILLING Free Read!!! •°•
Salome by Isaiyan Morrison
Isaiyan Morrison is slowly
introducing us to some new characters (every two weeks) in her upcoming all new
paranormal/urban fantasy trilogy The Not-So Dead. The first full length title
in the trilogy will be releasing in Jan 2020
So if you’re ready to
meet these new characters and the world they live in

Monday, November 18, 2019

Enigma by Chriselda Barretto

Title: Enigma Erotic Soul Poetry
Author: Chriselda Barretto
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Sept 26 2019


 Born in the land where “The Kamasutra” originates, I have never taken eroticism lightly.
Even though sex is one of the most basic needs, humanity still shies away from talking about it.
With this book, through my poems I urge you to tastefully feel, visualise and just enjoy something that comes naturally to all of us. Enjoy the image depicted with each poem to enrich the surge of emotions you will feel!

Another journey, another path, discover some more of your emotions and let love flow through…

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