Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Acheron - (Dark Hunter Series)

The first part of the book was very depressing. I did not believe my co-workers when they told me that it took them a long time to get through part 1. Just when I thought I could get past one of Ash's horrible trials, boom there is another. My heart could not bare Ash's horrible past. I still sob as I am writing this review. I can't imagine experiencing half of what Ash has been through. I also learn in this book that I completely hate Artemis........ Yes she is quite the mega b**ch and some. Ash loved her and she through it down the toilet because of her reputation. She cared so much about what the other god thought of her, even when they treated her like crap.  Apollo is also on my Sh**t list of characters and at the beginning of part 1 Styxx was too. The only joy I had in reading the first book was when Apollomi started poofing those sorry a** gods in to oblivion. Oh the tangle webs they weaved LMAO..... Part two was actually very funny and uplifting. Finally Ash has met a women that would give him quite the run for his money. Tory was the perfect mate for him and I am happy that he finally found someone he could love and trust. The fascinating part to the book was when all the ex dark-hunters and dark hunters got together to help Ash. I just wanted to jump for joy at everyone's willingness to help. Although I dislike Nick at this moment my resolve softens, because some where deep down inside Nick wants to do right by Ash but he just hasn't learned to put his hatred aside. The alliance between nick and Stryker is destroyed and Stryker is hell bent on getting revenge on Satara's death. Again in book 2 we see just how selfish Artemis is, she denies to feed Acheron and he go mad with starvation. Once he is out of control  Artemis loured Tory to olympus and threw Tory in the room with Ash and let him feast on her until he killed her.. :-( but given what happen, Apollomi was able to give Tory some of her powers and send Tory soul back so that Ash could bound with her just to get her son away from Artemis. And lets not forget about the smack down Tory put on Artemis. I laughed so hard during this part I cried. I am interested to see how all these changes will play out in the other books now that alliances are broken and new ones are formed. Hopefully sometime in the near future Ms. Kenyon will allow us to get a glimpse of Salvitor's and Jaden's story. I would love to get more of an insight on Apollomi and Salvitors relationship...lol. Even though I cried through most of part 1, I really enjoyed Acheron's book.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dream Chaser (Dark Hunter Series)

I enjoyed Xypher and Simone's book. I was intrigued by Xypher when we fist me him in Katra's book. In her book we got a glimpse to why Xypher was dammed but the book never explained his actions to why he did what he did until his own book. Xypher was never the one who drove countless human to kill themselves or go mad, it was Satara's doing. I despised Artemis but I hate Satara more. Hopefully the mega bitch get exactly what she deserves and to think Xypher rotted in hell because of her. I thought we would be rid of Satara and Xypher would have claimed his revenge once he killed her but I see Ms. Kenyon has something more installed for this character. I loved Simone has the heroine she had spark. I would have never guess she was an half demon that had powers to rival any enemy. Jessie, Glora and Tate were great supporting characters and they made the story so golden with there own added experiences and humor. Acheron and Kat make a short appearence in the book to assist Xypher, Xedrix and Simone in their trials. It was shocking to find out that the Dimme Kerryna was not what I expected her to be. From Kat and Sins book we think that all the Dimme are reckless and bent in destroying the universe but it seems that not  case with Kerryna. I wonder if this will change the coarse of the Dark-Hunters story. Jaden on the other hand is in a league of his own. I wonder if we will see this character gain in other stories. He wills a power that is unknown to us but there is someone pulling his chains...... What scary thought that is. I wonder if we will soon find out who. But who ever it is i feel that they would make an appearance soon since Jaden acquired certain items to immobilize a god. I really enjoyed this book and I am anxious to see what part it plays in the series as a whole. In all i gave it 5 stars.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Upon the midnight Clear-Dark Hunter Series

Aiden and Leta's book was good but it wasn't as exciting as the previous books. There could have been more action. I just got tired of Aiden's whining. Yes, his family and friends stabbed him in the back and yes, his family and friends could have ruined his reputation but  in the end was that enough to make Aiden cold heart-ed? who knows. I felt the book was just based on one mans personal struggle in being alone. Pain to me was a joke even as a god. I would challenge him over a spathi daimon anytime. LOL, Pain fed mostly on fear and nothing else in the end Aiden was able to defeat him by clearing his heart from the hatred he felt toward everyone that has screwed him over. There was a point where the action picked up, especially when Zeus stepped on the scene...... I was biting my nails when Zeus killed Leta. I thought for once there would not be an happily ever after and I thought MAdoc exposed what the dream-hunters where trying to hide from Zeus and the other gods, that their emotions were coming back. Again I find that the romance scenes are fading. Would i read this book again probably not, but i find that each book contributes to the story as whole.  I gave the book 4 stars only because I could not rate it 3 1/2 stars. I felt the short stories behind Aidens book was worth reading. The short stories give you a taste of the dark-hunters lives in between their battles.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Review: Devil May Cry - Dark Hunter Series- Book 12

I loved Sins and Katra's book.  There was action from  from the beginning to end.  Sin was an exotic character, he was comically funny, deadly and erotic, while Katra was spunky, loving, assertive and charismatic.  Bringing these two characters together just make sense as there union will create a strong pantheon that will unite an alliance among the bitterest of enemies. After reading Devil May Cry my hate for Artemis has extremely intensified. How can you keep a child from her father. Katra has lived her life knowing of him, while he knew nothing about her but in the end Artemis proved that when backed in a corner she is like all other parents and a mother willing to protect her child at all cost. There were some parts of this book that made my heart just break. It seems that most of the character in this book experience many betrayals from the people they  held dear to their hearts as they were the same ones that cut and crucified them the most, but in the end you are left with the notion that their only resolve is to continue to fight for the things they valued the most. In this book we are also introduced to new demons that are hell bent on destroying the world that I am stuck with the silly notion that humanity doesn't stand the chance in hell....LOL. I gave this book 5 stars. Even though the romance wast as vivid as Sherrilyn first couple of books in the DH series. Devil May Cry takes you on a serious roller-coaster ride that is purely one of a kind.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book Review : The Dream Hunter - Dark Hunter -Book 11

I gave this book 4 stars. The book was slow at the beginning, I just couldn't seem to get into to it so I kept putting the book down. Finally I got to the middle of the book where things began to pick up. I didn't know how much Arik's and Gearys story gave some insight to the things that were unsaid in many of the previous books. It was interesting to see that the dream-hunters curse is weakening and their emotions are coming back. After finishing the book I feel that I have stepped back into the dark-hunters past. It seems the first dream hunter book should have been read before Zareks book. As I was reading I began to enjoy Arik's and Geary's story but I was more intrigued by the snippets we receives on the destroyers story. I would like to see more of the other gods and how they come into play in the whole scheme of things.I would love to get more of Hades love story but I guess that will wait. Kat is an interesting character, she has greater powers than the gods but she pretends to only be an hand maiden for Artemis. It seems Katra's alliances with the destroyer and Artemis runs deeper than we think, I hope to see more of her in the books to come. In the end I enjoyed the dream hunters book but it took me along time to get past the beginning,LOL.

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