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Steamy Fairytales Collection #1 Book Tour, Review and Giveaway!

Title: Steamy Fairy Tales ~ Collection One

Author : MaryLynn Bast

Series: Steamy Fairy Tales

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing

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 Title: Cog’s Beauty and the Beast

Number of Pages: 14

Word Count:  2549

Synopsis: The castles occupants were cursed. But what wasn’t told was at night once the Beast sleeps, the household appliances get to play…


Cogs looked down at his belly, it was nearly midnight. The prince should be asleep soon. He wished he could spin the hands a little faster and speed up time. He hated being in this form, it was too limiting. 

But, then again, if he sped up time, it just meant the prince would grow older and that much closer to his birthday. The birthday. The one that could mean they would be locked in these forms forever. 

He turned away, letting her leave. He would go to her later and smooth things over. On his way to the big doors, he saw the candelabra saying something to the feather duster, she giggled at his words. Cogs called out to his best friend. “Be careful over there, her feathers are going to catch on fire.”
“Ha, ha, monsieur. She is already hot for me.” Lu allowed his flames to flicker a little higher before moving away.
The chimes in Cogs’ belly began to sound, filling the kitchen with excitement. Everyone, including Cogs, turned and headed for the back staircase leading to the lower portion of the castle.
They all stood staring at one another for what felt like an eternity. A white zap of electricity raced through the room, zipping from one item to the next. 

Each person stood and stretched; smiles of joy on their faces.

Title: Goldie Locks and the Three Girls

Number of Pages: 4463

Word Count:  21

Synopsis: Searching for a place to sleep, Goldie finds herself in a home with three beautiful women instead of bears...what happens next will change her life forever.


Taking a deep breath, I opened my eyes slowly and rubbed my hand across my face. My movement stilled. There was a hand draped across my waist. I stiffened, willing myself to fully awaken. Last night came back in a flash. I had kissed Tasha in the bathroom. I had never been to that bar. Everyone and everything about the place seemed to be so strange. I tried to remember how I had gotten there, but the last thing I could recall was sitting in the back seat of the limo with my head in her lap. 

Looking across the room, I saw the small green jacket she had worn. There wasn’t any other article of clothing lying around. I prayed that I had not made a fool of myself. A soft breath on my shoulder made my skin rise with goose bumps. Her soft lips brushed across me.
 “Hi.” Tasha’s voice was bright and cheerful. “I wondered how long it was going to take for you to wake up.” 

My brain felt fuzzy and I couldn’t think. “How long have I been sleeping?” I looked over my shoulder when I felt her move away. “How did I get in here?”
Her bright green eyes and cheerful smile was all I could see. 

 “Only a couple hours, and you asked if you could stay here with me.”
She moved her hand up my side, placing feather light touches on the side of my breast.  My heart quickened at the touch, I couldn’t stop the reaction. Sucking in a quick breath, I closed my eyes. The thought of the kiss we had shared last night ran through my mind. The urge to do it again grew stronger. I didn’t resist. Turning over, I watched as Tasha pushed herself up off the bed and moved towards me. 

She was wearing the short little black dress she had worn last night. When she lifted her leg to move across me, the material slipped up around her hips revealing the scrap of material that barely covered her. Her slight weight pressed against me. The feelings that ran through my body were surprising. I had never been attracted to a woman before. In fact, kissing Tasha was the first time I had kissed anyone other than my boyfriend. Or, should I say, ex-boyfriend. 

“Goldie.” She sounded stern, her bright eyes staring intently down at me, searching my face.
The look she gave me was enough to get my mind off of Josh cheating on me. When she leaned forward and placed her lips on mine, it was just like I remembered at the club.

Title: His Little Mermaid

Number of Pages: 9508

Word Count:  50

Synopsis: The King of the sea deserves love too. When the Fates step in, King Neptune must find true love or risk remaining in human form for life…


Her voice came from the other side of the oversized cabin. “When you speak, you will address me as Ma’am or Mistress.”

If she knew who she was dealing with…his back to her she didn’t see the smile playing at his lips, Neptune nodded.

She rustled around inside the cabinet before he heard her close the door with a small thud. Her steps were silent on the plush carpet, yet he knew she was moving towards him. 

A knock sounded at the door. “Enter.” Her tone sounded somewhat irritated.
“Mistress Alina, I came to check on you.” 

Neptune recognized the voice of the man who had helped to pull him onboard the ship.
“Thank you Jake, but I can handle it from here.”

Her back was to him so Neptune raised his eyes, meeting Jakes over her shoulder.
A look of concern crossed Jakes face. “Madam, are you sure? You don’t normally take on the clients yourself.” 

Clients? Neptune kept his face clear of all emotions, listening intently to the conversation at the door.
“Are you questioning me Jake?” She took a step forward, her hand reached up and stroked the big man’s jawline. 

An unusual feeling of jealousy surged through his veins at seeing her touching another man.
Jake quickly shook his head. “No Madam. I am just concerned for your safety. This man has not been cleared.” 

“I appreciate your concern.” 

She turned back towards Neptune and he quickly lowered his eyes before she caught him watching. His heart beat faster. The feeling was exhilarating. Something he had not felt in an extremely long time. 

My Rant: 

These Stories were completely some of the hottest stories I have read in a long time. The author writing style is completely off the chain and tastefully  erotic.  Not only do you get pulse pumping, mouth drooling  and muscle clinching stories ( wink, wink) uh huh you know....... clinching lol. You also get stories that have a flair to them. I thought that it was very creative for Ms. Bast to use the theme of some of the childhood stories we all have read as children and turn them into the romantic fairy tale stories for adults. 

Although there are three stories in this book, each story had its own individuality. Unlike some authors, Ms Bast writing was different with each short story and thats what made them appealing to me. Each character and story was unique and although the stories were short I felt a connection with the characters and it was hard to leave them behind.

My Recommendation: 

I rated this books 4 out 5 Purple Rant Hearts, just because I completely adored these short stories and I look forward to reading more work by Ms. Bast.  I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys an erotic short story with a fairytale flare. 

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this book for free from

                         Author Information

MaryLynn Bast moved from Texas to Las Vegas in July 2010.

Currently a full time student working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, MaryLynn works as a consultant for a contractor with the US Military, traveling from base to base across the US and around the world. MaryLynn is thrilled to meet many new people and experience the different cultures.

MaryLynn is an active member of Paranormal Researchers of Nevada. Talking with the clients and going out on investigations is a favorite pastime. This combined with her travels provides many inspirations for MaryLynn to write her paranormal romance and fantasies.

MaryLynn recently visited a pet rescue in search of a kitten. After hearing the horrible story of how one cat was treated, she adopted a one and a half year of black cat. Magic won her heart immediately and has trained her very well.

MaryLynn along with PRN group members has visited local animal rescues and will be holding a fund raiser to assist two different rescue groups. Check out her websites for details.

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