Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Education of Caroline by Jane Harvey-Berrick

Genre: Contemporary Romance

What is the book about?
This book is the sequel to The Education or Sebastian. After ten years Caroline and Sebastian meet up again. Caroline now the successful journalist she wanted to be, and writing under pen name Lee Venzi, has been assigned to a dangerous task. She was assigned journalize the military and the current war. Sebastian, Chief Hunter is more the opposite of the sweet and innocent boy he used to be. He has grown to be a hardcore Marine with Intel specialties. During a military training,   emotions begin to collide and sparks begin to fly as Sebastian and Caroline try another hand at their relationship. The road to love seems a little rocky and their path is unsteady. Uncertainty is in the air, will they fall back in love or will their past and present obstacles destroy the love they are trying to work at rekindling.

My Rant:
The sequel is just as thrilling and exhilarating as the first book. The Education of Caroline completely takes my breath away.  The book was such an easy read I hated to put it down. In the sequel Caroline and Sebastian are reunited and just when you think the sparks are going to fly you find out that there is a burst of emotional anguish instead. After years of hoping and wishing Caroline would find him, Sebastian lost hope and enlisted in the Marines. What seems to be a heart broken child turned into a cold, emotionless womanizing man who was still mercifully in love with Caroline. After several soul wrenching arguments and disagreement Caroline and Chief Hunter decided to give their relationship another try but they decided that they were going to take it one day at a time.

While traveling to visit her father’s hometown Sebastian and Caroline rekindle their relationship and the sparks begin to fly in and out of the bedroom and the scenes were hot!,  I mean smoking hot! (I am grinning so bad my face hurts because I wanted to see Carolina and Sebastian gets back together). The Author touch on a very sensitive subject in this book which I wanted to point out because, we as women do this to ourselves a lot. Caroline displayed a lot of insecurities in herself and her relationship with Sebastian. She could not really accept that a beautiful young man like Sebastian would be totally head over hills in love with her. He loved her for who she was and not how old, or what she looked like. I think the author displayed a powerful message in this story. That no matter what you think about yourself, no matter your size, shape etc. You are still beautiful in your own way and someone will see you that way. You just have to have the confidence to realize it. I practically choke out a tear when Carolina finally got the message. I love that the author made the romance so real to life. Loving someone is hard and the obstacles are not easy. You have to love them for the good, the bad, the ugly and you have to work together to overcome the obstacles that you face together in your relationship.  Tragedy hit in Sebastian’s and Caroline’s relationship and it was a devastating blow that almost tore them apart. It took Caroline to muster up all the love she had for Sebastian to work through the hurt and pain he inflicted on her, because he was in pain and did not know how to deal with his life the way it was. Sebastian fell into despair but the love and dedication that Caroline had to find in herself helped him through his pain. That alone touches my heart deeply. I will admit to you all that I went through a half of box of Kleenex, I know I am such a cry baby but I can’t help it. This book touched me on so many different levels.  The end was perfect, just perfect. While reading the book you work through so many emotions that when you get to the end you exhale because the blissful peace you feel at the end makes you feel that warm and tingly feeling inside your heart.

“ Caro, it was always you, it always has been you”

Awwwhhh, don’t you just feel the fluttering heart feeling at Sebastian’s words. That’s why I love him so.

My Recommendation:

I rated this book 5 out of 5 Purple Rant hearts. The sequel was just as good as the first book and the story never skipped a beat. It drew me in immediately and there I was drowning in love and fulfilling satisfaction that the book was everything I hoped for and more.  I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a great romance story that is emotionally draining, loving, lusting and heartwarmingly erotic.

Special Note:  To the men and women who serve our country. My family and I are deeply grateful for your selfless service in protecting our country. We are forever in your debt.

FTC Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author, editor or publisher. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one


  1. Where can you read this? I keep looking everywhere for the sequel but I can't find it anywhere :(

    1. Hi LW,

      It The education of Caroline will be released some time in February. As soon as I hear its released I will post it.

    2. LW the Education of Caroline is live on Amazon. Just thought I would let you know.


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