Monday, January 14, 2013

Constantine ( Book # 2 in Siren Breeders Series) by Marata Eros

Genre: Dark Erotica

Author Synopsis: CONSTANTINE is the sequel to EMBER of The Siren Breeders series.

Constantine is enraptured by a female for the first time who is under his charge. Ember, princess of the Mer, was to be bred in a rite without her prior knowledge. When Con discovers this, he murders her brother Desmond.

Running from the Warriors of the Mer and desparate to evade capture, Con finds himself hopping from one battle to the next in avoidance and loses an unwilling Ember in the process.

High Demon males also seek breeding females and when an unlikely discovery of a part-demon female falls into their lap, they're not above taking what should not be theirs, even when the consequence is death or worse.

Can Constantine rescue Ember and consume the fire that burns between them? Will the High Demons who seek breeders abide by their own laws or sink into the debauchery of lust and power?

My Rant: Constantine was one of my favorite characters in the Druid Breeders Series because he was the ultimate bad guy no one seen coming, not even me. He captured my heart in his torturous ways. But what made him appealing was that he had a constant struggle to be the perfect mate even though he was ruthless, conniving and most of all selfish. But as a reader you grow to love him any way because he had that bad boy sex appeal. Which I must admit I cannot deny. 

Con: “I will not force you, but you will beg….beg for me to take you”

Ember: “ I will not beg”. “But I will give you what you need”.

How hot was that. The anticipation of Con and Ember was enough to start a five-alarm fire and burn right through to you core.

Constantine was riveting, sexy, erotic and action packed. Ms. Marata always starts the books of with a blast of action and rib breaking humor and her characters are always smoking heart that his hard to keep a favorite. As soon as you think your head over heals in love with one character another steps in and you are drooling at their sex appeal and conviction to protect the breeders. During the plot it’s hard to determine which hero gets the girl. There are so many twist and turns and when you think you know who’s going to end up together you don’t. That’s why I love Ms. Marata’s books because they are not that predictable. The suspense is outstanding because you are kept on the edge of your seat and at the end we are left with a cliffhanger ending which I love because it builds my anticipation for the next book to come. Constantine was everything I hoped for and more, especially since he is one of my favorite characters. I was happy to see in the end which part of his nature overcame and dominated the other.

My Recommendation: 

Overall, I gave Constantine 5 out of 5 Purple Rant hearts and would recommend this to readers who love Dark Erotica.  I will also suggest readers read the Druid Breeders Series to gain more insight to the plot and character of the Siren Breeders.

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