Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ember By Marata Eros

Genre: Dark Erotica

What is this book about?

In the original Druid Breeders series you are left with Con’s demise in the hands of the Mer. The author hit rewinding and we are back Con and the Mer. Ember begins with a test of Cons loyalty to the Mer Prince and Princess. Since Con is a mixed breed his heritage made for an excellent warrior but his mixed blood warred with each other to gain dominance over his actions which maid Con unpredictable. The Mer are in search of their maidens so that they can protect and breed with them to strengthen their numbers in their clan. They elicit the help of a mix breed, Con to gain tactical advantage of a waging war. While in search of the maidens they also encounter another mixed breed Brandon. What they did not expect was the uncertainty of Cons mixed heritage that threaten his alliance to them and the safety of their Princess Ember, and the threat posed by new enemy breeders that step onto the scene who are ready to battle for the breeders they feel are their own since their one and only goal is to breed.

My Rant:

Loved it. Ms. Marata starts the story off with kick butt action with amazing battle scenes. Con is flexing his muscles showing the Mer what he is capable of and my heart starts palpitating with anticipation.
If you don’t know by now Con is one my favorite character because he is so ruthless. Con only care’s about Con but he has a tender part to him that wants to protect, that he constantly fights to deny which is why I love him so. It was so refreshing to see some of the Druid Breeders characters make an appearance in Ember. Beu and Aubrey’s son Brandon is summoned by the call of the Mer maiden princess and Brandon made the decisions to leave his parents so that he may go in search of the Mer. I had to dab my eyes because that part of the book made me drop a teardrop or two. I was so connected to Beu and Aubrey that a part of me did not want to see Brandon leave his parents. There was laugh out loud sarcasm that made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my own saliva. The characters really had a nark for words.  Ms. Marata and her amazing imagination conjured up sexier mix breeds that are fiercer and all alpha male with attitude. These new characters made my mouth water with excitement.  The demon/ angel breeder Brolach stole my heart away. The steamy scenes were hotter than ever and the anticipations of the action to come made this book a quick page-turner.  I was able to finish the book in one sitting.

My Recommendation: 

Overall I rated this book 5 out of 5 purple rant hearts. I would recommend this book to anyone that loved Dark Erotica with a breeding twist.

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