Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tides Ebb by Alexandra Brenton

The story is about a boogie Lawyer who feels her love life is moving in the right direction. She has the perfect man, the perfect job and the feeling of being fulfilled until it all crashed down when she discovers her perfect man isn’t so perfect after all. The broken hearted Marianna has to figure out a way to overcome her heartache while on a special project in Rhode Island.  After an accident Marianna is saved by Larry, the big belly prude that’s set her life into perspective.  She is disgusted at him because he does not flock to her whims and also she is intrigued by Larry personality. She hates and wants him at the same time; the pull between the two emotions sets a new perspective for her and she finds out who she really is. 

I found this book interesting and was able to read it in one sitting and it was completely different from most of the books I read.
I enjoyed the fact that Larry was just an around the way guy. Not over the top sexy but an average guy with flaws but still masculine, with a demand of respect and sexual prowls that all alpha males have.  The best friend Suzanne was fearless, reckless and fun and I loved that about her. I have never met anyone as stuck up as Marianna but hey I know that there are people like that out there LOL.  Screech is the man of the hour by request only. Every woman would want a pocket screech to use at their discretion. Let’s admit it; sometimes we can be as bad as the men.  Last but not least, the author exposed a reality that some of us are unfamiliar with. Sometimes you never know someone. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been with them those deep hidden secrets remain hidden until you stumble upon them and your world is crashing down around you. Bradley was just crazy sexy as hell but CRAZY! His character completely took me for surprise. But in the end I was glad to see Marianna with a man that truly loved her.

Overall I gave the book 3 stars. I loved the cover which I personally think was hot!  And there were those funny moments in the book that I was taken back by. Those funny moments were completely unexpected. Donkeys, fingers and madness oh my! I would recommend this book  to anyone that likes their romance with a tad bit of craziness. I will look forward to reading future books from Ms. Brenton.

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