Saturday, October 13, 2012

Futures and Frostings by Tara Sivec

In the second installment to the Chocolate Lovers Series, Carter is head over heels in love with Claire and is determined to move their relationship to the next level but after several failed proposal attempts, Carter begins to question whether or not Claire feels the same way about him. Claire is happy with the fact that her life is moving smoothly and Carter is a huge part of that. Claire’s business began to pick up but her world is turned upside down when she catches the bouquet at Jim and Liz’s wedding and the reality that she wants to be a bride sets in. Through miscommunication Claire feels that Carter is not the marrying type and that he likes the relationship as it is. Claire and Carter’s insecurities drive them into dysfunctional events to include sex shops, chocolate room explosions, severe hangovers and the sharing of pot cookies with family and friends.  

Gavin still remains the center of attention but Carter and Claire’s trials and tribulations continue to spiral out of control that triggers them to look to their crazy family and friends for guidance and help.

Futures and Frostings was just as funny as seduction and snacks. The author cracks humor on the issues of everyday relationships especially the biggest issue of them all -Miscommunication. As women and men we draw our thoughts from different perspectives. When you think he or she is thinking one thing you are wrong, because they are thinking something completely different but because you assumed, and you react according to your assumption (making an a** out of yourself) you are stuck looking like a fool and completely helpless at changing the fact that you reacted on a whim of a thought and not actual facts. (Ok I have definitely done this in my relationship and could relate….shhh don’t tell anyone) lol.

I really enjoyed that fact that Carters insecurities were acknowledge in the story along with Claire’s and that I was able to make an intimate connection with them as they struggled to overcome their issues. I also enjoyed their supports system through their dysfunctional friends. Although you only get little bits and pieces of the other characters their contributions to the story are still tremendous.  Drew and Jenny are one of a kind and they seem like the type of friends that will always bring some sort of spark to your life. You are so busy laughing at their deficiencies you start to feel a little better about your own.  Liz is the girlfriend we all need to keep us grounded and push us past our inabilities lol. Gaven still remains to be my favorite character. Between his celebrity status and outrageous comments Gavins antics continued to liberate my soul and make me wish that I was a foul-mouth child again that way I could get away with the ability to say what I mean about anyone without consequences. (Don’t we all wish that). Kids always speak the truth, it doesn’t matter whether or not they hurt your feelings but you can bet your bottom that they will always give you the answer you don’t want to hear. LMAO

Speaking of example,  I decide one day that I would treat my nephew to Ritas ice-cream, when it got to my time to order I bend down and ask him what would you like. LJ says to me I want a fruit punch icy. I then proceed to order, when I get to my selection my nephew tugged on my shirt and said Aunty are you a little too fat for icy. The cashier begins to laugh and I am humiliated and the whole time in my mind, I’m thinking you little Sh$t, I want to kill you.  I walk away only paying for LJ's icy. Don’t worry I loved my nephew too much to really do him bodily harm. LMAO. 

Anywoo, back to writing this review.  I gave this book 4 star’s and would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good romance book with an laugh out loud sense of humor.

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