Monday, October 29, 2012

Tasting Fire by Shelly Holt

Tasting Fire is about the struggles of a shape-shifter named Kai, whose life purpose is to protect his people from being endangered by poachers who are killing his people off to extinction and to slow down the research of the scientist that are close to exposing that there are  shape-shifters who walk among  humanity. As one scientist draws close to uncovering the snow leopards secrets Kai elicits the help of another Rae.  Rae a smart and beautiful scientist, was desperate for work. Her passion was to save the snow leopard from extinction. After leaving her former employer and lover Rae vowed to help keep the snow leopards safe from cruelty. One night while having dinner a stranger walks up to her and offers her a job of her dreams.
Rae refuses and do not  know what she was getting herself into when Kai kidnaps her and convinces her to help his cause. Rae and Kai must race against all odds to help save the Pari from the mad scientist and poachers while developing a cure for the women Pari, all the while they face off with their own struggles to attempt love.

I really enjoyed this book. Not only did you have hot shape-shifters but there was suspense and romance. Just enough to get your heart pumping. Kai was selfless and romantically caring you could not help but fall in love with his character. He had the appeal of a alpha-male with strong leadership abilities. Although he couldn't kick major ass lol, yes not all Asian men know martial arts. He was an astute business man and a provider for his people. Rae as an heroine was incredibly witty and demanded the scene as a strong woman should. In the end Rae helped Kai save his people. The love story in this book was incredibly addictive. The struggles that the characters went through seem so real to life that I could not put the book down. I felt every emotion possible as I read this book, one moment I was happy, the next sad, horrified, mortified and then ecstatic. When I thought I could figure out the ending I was so wrong, the ending completely surprised me.

I gave this book four stars and would recommend the book to anyone who loves paranormal romance with hot shape-shifters with a thrilling rush of action and suspense.

You can find information about Shelly Holt on Goodreads by Clicking Here or Amazon by Clicking Here.

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