Thursday, April 25, 2013

Subhera Reviews : Inferno (Chronicles of Nick)

Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Genre: Young Adult

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My Howl:  Zombies, Vampires and Weres, Oh My ! This is the recipe I was expecting to find in the 4th installment of   Chronicles of Nick, Inferno.

Let me first say that Sherrilyn Kenyon kicks booty! YA, Manga, Paranormal Romance, it doesn't matter, the woman knows her, stuff! ( this is a YA book review)

Having said that, this book was good but not great.

We find Nick Gautier, that's pronounced ( GO Shay), get it right!  He's back at school trying his best to stay on the straight and narrow after getting the daunting news from his future self, Ambrose, that he is destined to destroy the world!

For my Dark Hunter lovers, Nick is the same smart mouth Cajun that we've come to love and expect.
Maybe a little more self deprecating than we like, but still bringing the snappy come backs for every insult, or joke aimed his way.

Nick seems to be coming into his Malachai powers  a little stronger in this book,  holding onto those reigns to his anger is getting tougher to navigate each day. Especially since he just found out that the love of his life ,his girlfriend  Kody , wants to kill him! Dang.. tough school!

If that isn't crazy enough, now the hottest girl in school is giving Nick the hawk eye!
Casey Woods, head cheerleader and ultimate high school hottie is all about Team Gautier and Nick just doesn't understand it?! He's still the same dude in the Hawaiian shirts he wore from last year and the year before that,  right!?

Well, that's the question in this book at least.  He's the same, but isn't quite the same... this feeling of something is up is felt throughout the entire book!

I like the feeling of suspense because it's so tangible here! You know something is around the corner waiting to drag Nick to Hell kicking and screaming.  You want to take that slow peek around the corner to see what's coming .  What has Caleb, Nick's protector so shaken towards the end and why do the words "Be careful what you wish for" such a sinister statement?

Inferno is a nice read, but don't expect the same action pack secret revealing storyline you got from the other 3 books " Infinity", " Invincible" and "Infamous".

There is action, Nick kicks butt like he never has before, in fact, a few times !
However,  in my humble opinion I felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop * sad face*

Which brings me to the Epilogue... The shoe dropped! 

How on God's Green Earth will Nick get out of this one?  Ok,( ILLUSION )Book 5, Bring It!

My Recommendation

I rated this book 3 1/2 out of 5 Howls. I would completely recommend this book with a stipulation........ Read the other 3 books first or this one will NOT make any sense. 

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