Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Amazingly Broken

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Author: Jordin Williams
Book Name: Amazingly Broken

Genre: New Adult

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Published Date / Expected Publication Date: June 20th, 2013

Synopsis: Life threw Elana a curveball...

Her mother died in Iowa and was left to fend for herself with an abusive and drunken father who could care less about her well being. After years of heartache and pain she graduated from high school and moved to Florida to go to college with her best friend Tiffany.

A new beginning...

That’s where she met Jaxon. He was everything she didn’t need. He was a cocky, tattooed, and a beer drinking muscle head. He was the type of guy that she normally would have avoided given her circumstances but when he offers her a bed to sleep

on she can't say no.

She never thought that she would discover they weren't much different from one another and that he had his own secrets and scars he didn’t want revealed to anyone...
                                                                                Author Bio:

Jordin Williams is a 26 year old ghostwriter turned author. She lives in Iowa and has always loved to sit down and read a good book. When she started ghostwriting books they would become popular even though she was never given any credit so she decided to write her own book, Amazingly Broken.

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($75 Amazon GC + 3 x ARC copies of Amazingly Broken - Ebooks / International)

Amazingly Broken Cover Reveal Giveaway

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