Thursday, March 15, 2012

Upon the midnight Clear-Dark Hunter Series

Aiden and Leta's book was good but it wasn't as exciting as the previous books. There could have been more action. I just got tired of Aiden's whining. Yes, his family and friends stabbed him in the back and yes, his family and friends could have ruined his reputation but  in the end was that enough to make Aiden cold heart-ed? who knows. I felt the book was just based on one mans personal struggle in being alone. Pain to me was a joke even as a god. I would challenge him over a spathi daimon anytime. LOL, Pain fed mostly on fear and nothing else in the end Aiden was able to defeat him by clearing his heart from the hatred he felt toward everyone that has screwed him over. There was a point where the action picked up, especially when Zeus stepped on the scene...... I was biting my nails when Zeus killed Leta. I thought for once there would not be an happily ever after and I thought MAdoc exposed what the dream-hunters where trying to hide from Zeus and the other gods, that their emotions were coming back. Again I find that the romance scenes are fading. Would i read this book again probably not, but i find that each book contributes to the story as whole.  I gave the book 4 stars only because I could not rate it 3 1/2 stars. I felt the short stories behind Aidens book was worth reading. The short stories give you a taste of the dark-hunters lives in between their battles.

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