Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book Review: Devil May Cry - Dark Hunter Series- Book 12

I loved Sins and Katra's book.  There was action from  from the beginning to end.  Sin was an exotic character, he was comically funny, deadly and erotic, while Katra was spunky, loving, assertive and charismatic.  Bringing these two characters together just make sense as there union will create a strong pantheon that will unite an alliance among the bitterest of enemies. After reading Devil May Cry my hate for Artemis has extremely intensified. How can you keep a child from her father. Katra has lived her life knowing of him, while he knew nothing about her but in the end Artemis proved that when backed in a corner she is like all other parents and a mother willing to protect her child at all cost. There were some parts of this book that made my heart just break. It seems that most of the character in this book experience many betrayals from the people they  held dear to their hearts as they were the same ones that cut and crucified them the most, but in the end you are left with the notion that their only resolve is to continue to fight for the things they valued the most. In this book we are also introduced to new demons that are hell bent on destroying the world that I am stuck with the silly notion that humanity doesn't stand the chance in hell....LOL. I gave this book 5 stars. Even though the romance wast as vivid as Sherrilyn first couple of books in the DH series. Devil May Cry takes you on a serious roller-coaster ride that is purely one of a kind.

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