Monday, February 13, 2012

Unleash The Night - Dark Hunter Series

Wren and Maggie's book definitely aimed to please. Wren a Tigard was accused of being harmful to the people around him. He was un-tamable until he met Maggie a close friend of Nick Gautier. Wren falls for Maggie and completely opens up his heart to her. In the mist of their love Wren and Maggie must do what they can to survive the death warrant on Wrens head while the tribunal of the Katagari and Arcadian lead by Salvitar debate of Wrens innocence. Meanwhile Wrens and Maggie go back into the past to see if they can gain evidence of Wrens innocence and prove once and for all wrens mother killed his father and then she and her lover where mysteriously murdered. While in the past Wren’s father gave Maggie powers that turned her into a Tigard so she would not be vulnerable and can offer aid to Wren. What was interesting about this book is that the past was the present and the present was the past, ironically. We also get to see the Pieter family in their raw form especially Nicolette. I always thought sanctuary was a place for Katagari and Arcadians that needed a home when they did not have one. Little did I know that Nicolette doesn’t want to offer refuge to no one but her family and is having a hard time dealing with her own demons.  I wonder if Amy will ever have a chance with Fang, hopefully we get an answer in one of the books to come. Wren and Maggie’s book has made my top 5 books in the DH series; this book had it all comedy, steamy scenes, fighting etc. I rated it 5 stars.

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