Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: Dark Side of the Moon - Dark Hunter -Book 10

Rayvn and Susan story was intriguing. There were several twist and turns it was hard to tell what would happen next. I would like to see Ash more involved in the story, lately he has been absent due to Artemis needs. I am not happy that there are many casualties with the dark-hunters. I know we meet Belle briefly but I really liked her character given her short role in the story. I would have liked to see her progress with the other dark hunters. For once in the series the daimons show compassion. I question whether or not Stryker was going soft and if he would loss the control over his Spathi daimons. A new concept was introduced in the story was a mated dark-hunter, which according to the DH law a dark hunter is forbidden to mate, but that seems to not apply to Sue and Rayvn. I am deeply sadden by Cael and Aramanda, they are daimons now, but maybe there is more to there future than this book told. There are a lot of unanswered questions which I feel compelled to have them answered. LOL. Last but not least, Nick Gautier, What the hell is he thinking. I know he wants to kill Ash because he feel Ash is responsible for his mother death but he is working with a daimon that aided in the plot that killed his mother. Nick is being ruled more by his emotions which is causing him to make stupid mistakes. Hope full he will come to his senses.

I really liked Nick as a squire but this new Nick is definitely starting to irate me. I really enjoyed the book and I rated 5 Purple Rant Hearts  even though it took me 6 days to read it due to my computer breakdown which is still occupying my time.

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