Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seize the Night- Dark Hunter Series - Book 7

What is the book about? Tabitha, a vampire slayer must defend herself against a Daimon that is out to take revenge on her, all the while she links up with a sexy arrogant Dark-Hunter Valerius. In the mist of the romance they must fight the Daimons in order to keep Tabitha and her family alive while Valerius is also left to face his own demons.

Finally, I have the one answer to the question I so longed for about Ash. I always wanted to know what Acheron was, we all know he is the main Dark-Hunter but with his abilities we sense that there is a lot more to our mystery man. I wont give it away, if you want to know, you would have to read the book to find out.

Tabitha and Valerius story had a lot of twist and turns.  The humor was on point,  Nick and Simi hooking up OMG...... I was reading so fast in order to find out what roof top Ash was going to blow off as soon as he found out  LOL :-) boy was it worth the wait. Tabitha and Valerius belong together, they are complete opposites but they fit together. I wonder if tabby is going to give up her Daimon slayer days........ I think not.

In this story we also find out that Amanda and Kyrian are having another child and their daughter Marrissa has special abilities that can alter the outcome of the future, that is why Ash seems to stick around them. Zarek makes and appearance with his mate, oh and by they way she is pregnant too, and Julian and Grace are also tailing along for the ride. I laughed and cried throughout the entire book. There were gains of friendship and understanding but there were also  tremendous losses.We are also introduced to more Dark-Hunters, I hope we see them in future books, but the one kicker for me was the Dark-Hunter born out of the mayhem by Artemis and what was shocking was her ability to finally do something good for someone without expecting anything in return.

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