Monday, January 16, 2012

Kiss of The Night- by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Without giving a lot away, the dark-hunters world is evolving in this book. Wulf and Cassandra set the stage in joining the dark-hunters with appolites. I am still trying to figure Acheron out. I am not sure what part he plays in the series but I can see Acheron has the ability to influence change through the  dark-hunters decisions during the destructive war between Apollomi and Artemis. Lets get down to the good stuff. Wulf and Cassandra are my type of people their relationship was on and popping as soon as they encountered each other. We were introduced to new characters in this book that I think we would see later in the series. I was also happy to see Talon, Kyrain, Julian and Zarek still in the dark-hunter action. I hope to see Wulf, Cassandra, Chris, Urian and little Erik in other books, I would love to continue to read about these characters as the series progresses. In conclusion, I loved Wulf and Cassandra story. There was action, romance and betrayal, everything worth reading in a good paranormal romance novel. I rate this book 4 1/2 stars.

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