Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Devious Diva

I am deliciously devious. I am always in the dark, which is where I do my deed. I am known to read the darkest reads. Look for me in the night, I dare you to conjure me or you can find me in the night on the twilight’s eve. I am always where I am sought or visit me if you’re a book freak on Crystal’s Random Thoughts………………………

I am a case manager and a mother of two during the day and a freak in the night. I love to read the following genre: BDSM, Dark Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy, YA, Romantic Comedies Etc. I began blogging to express my opinion about books. I decided to join Crystals Random Thoughts to rant and rave about any and all things.

My other hobbies consist of listening to music, writing and having fun with my husband and kids. 

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