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Bad Moon Rising -Sherrilyn Kenyon - DH Sereis

Bad Moon Rising (Dark-Hunter, #18) (Were-Hunter, #5)Bad Moon Rising (Dark-Hunter, #18) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really did enjoy Fangs and Amy's book. The book definitely gave more details and insight to what Fang went through. I was able to connect to both of the main characters. Fang and Amy were very strong but vulnerable which made for a good story. I like that we were able to get the back story to fang and Amy but there was some parts left out because they were in other books.
In this book there were not a lot of scenes with the Dark-hunters but I was intrigued by the new characters that were introduced. Thorn Satan's son and ruler of the hell for demons persuaded Fang to sell his sole to him. While in service to thorn Fang has turned into a hell-chaser. Really interesting to see the story combined yet another breed of demon hunters. I enjoyed the hell-chaser, we were introduced to Zek back in an analogy but you did not get a full story about him
Amy is the only person in this book that hears fang and is able to communicate with him to help Fang in recovering his freedom while he was in a coma. Amy along with Dev, (devoted brother) chased down and kill the Daimons that stole some of Fangs soul, once Fang soul was returned to him he was free to leave the demon hell, but he remained enslaved to Thorn. Fury's new job as a hell-chaser was to send the demons that escaped back to hell where they belonged. During an encounter with a powerful demon Fang purposely killed the demon without knowing the repercussion until Thorn informed him of the consequences. By killing the demon Fang becomes possessed by the demons soul, which creates an issue for him to retain control. I really liked Amy and Fang together; to me they just seem to fit. I just think they could have had more flame to the passion as we all would say. Lol.
Later Fang is accused of murder and Amy is kicked out of the Peilter clan by her mother. In the end Nicolette and Papa Peilter are no longer with us; Fang and Amy are mated and are now the new owners of Sanctuary, which by the way lost their license so they are no longer protected by Salvitor. I am constantly asking myself what and who is Salvitor. Everything about that man is a mystery but his decisions are affecting the lifestyles of others. Boy when he gets pissed, he is pissed ……. when his anger mounts there is no telling what’s going to happen next.
I for one was not a fan of Nicolette but I could not continue to hate her as much as I did, when she made the ultimate sacrifice to save Fang for Amy. In the end we lost some characters but gained new ones to add to our dark-hunter, were-hunters and hell-chaser hearts. Fury and Amy’s story was good but it had the potential to be great. The book spent time recapping some of the information of Fangs background issues that Fang and Amy’s story slowly developed but when the story finally got to its breaking point there was so much chaos that I nearly cried, got angry and wanted to cry again. When all the dust settled I felt that I were sliding through a new era of events, but the remaining Peilter and Vangs pack will bridge and alliance that will be strong enough to stand the test that will eventually come knocking on their door. And oh by the way, the were-hunters are aware that the daimons now walk in the light. I gave the book 4 stars and I can definitely say Fang has definitely found away into my heart.
Bad Moon Rising (Dark-Hunter, #18) (Were-Hunter, #5)

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