Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lover Reborn -J.R. Ward

I finished Lover Reborn a couple of weeks ago and was saddened as soon as I finished the book. Tohrment’s book was not what I expected but I enjoyed every bit of. There were a lot of twist and turns and of course John and Xhex really made the book interesting with their lover’s quarrel.  Things continue to change in the BDB world and the BOB are making even more of an appearance as the villains and the lessors are pathetic. The new lessor’s are weak and they don’t want to throw down like the old lessors, which was very disappointing. In the mist of the chaos there are so many wars going on. You have the drug war that Avail is leading, the BOD versus the BDB and BDB, BOD against the lessors. In the beginning I was sad to see Wellsi leave us so early, but her departure did not leave us with a complete void because we barely got to know her as a character. Of course I struggled with the fact of Tohrment and NoOne were getting together but I was happy to see Tohrment rising above his loss. The fade ceremony was the most emotional part of the book for me, I cried the whole way through, Yes I know, I get emotional LOL.  I even cried harder when Tohrment lost NoOne………… could the man get a break.
When we were introduced to the BOB I disliked them as a group but I find that my heart is starting to soften to Xcor and the other characters. Of course when Xcor cut up his second in command I was pissed at how he could do such a thing but in the end he won me over again. I wonder if he and Layla will have a story. Avail, I love Avail and hope that we see more of him. He is only out for himself and he makes that widely known. Boy is he making enemies quick. I was disappointed that we did get any information on Lash. He had been lying low for a while, hopefully he makes an appearance soon it seems the lessors need a boost in the evil department. It will be interesting to see how Quinn and Blays book will pick up the story. I gave this book 5 stars.

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