Monday, December 26, 2011

Twilight to the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series (BDB)

For the past couple of years I have been lost in the Twilight craze. (Those of you that read twilight know exactly what I mean). Once I completed the series, I was totally bummed out  until I was introduced to a new band of vampire brothers by my co-worker.
I never thought I would love the series as much as I loved twilight. I have to admit that I was completely wrong, I love the BDB more. The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward stole my heart. This band of vampire brothers are dangerously sexy and deliciously exotic. Their stories captivated me to no end. I couldn't eat, sleep or work without thinking about them. Each book describes each brother's trials, tribulations and  romances with the women that come into their dangerous lives. I fell in love with all their stories. Even-though I love them all, I have to say I love Viscous and Zsadist the most. If you love sexy vampires then you need to check out these books.

In reading order:
Dark Lover
Lover Enternal
Lover Awakened
Lover Revealed
Lover Unbound
Lover Enshrined
BDB Insider Guide
Lover Avenged
Lover Mine
Lover Unleashed
Lover Reborn  -( released March 2012)

 Happy Ranting and Raving!

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