Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blake and Amber's Special Valentine Delivery by MaryLynn Bast

Title: Blake and Amber’s Special Valentine Delivery

Author:  MaryLynn Bast

Series: Heart of a Wolf Series (Companion Novella)

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing

Release Date: February 14, 2014

Edition: Kindle

Source: Purchase

Amber is headstrong as ever and refuses to remain at home just because it’s expected of her. Traveling has been her life and the pull to hit the road is strong.

This time when Blake goes off to work, he is on a serious mission. He is fighting to save the lives of werewolf children who are being ripped from their families, their lives in danger.

Neither Blake nor Amber realize they may end up having to fight to save their own family…

MaryLynn Bast grew up in Texas. An avid reader, she enjoyed
writing romantic short stories. After moving to Las Vegas in 2010 and starting
a new chapter in her life, she followed her dream of publishing her first book,
a paranormal romance, in 2012 and continues to write stories for the Heart of a
Wolf Series. She is branching out and beginning the Panther Pride Saga. A few
other stories are in the works as well.
MaryLynn is a full time author and a full time student
working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Working with several
different companies who did government contracts for the US Military, MaryLynn
was able to travel the world, meeting new and interesting people.
To further her knowledge into the paranormal world, MaryLynn
joined a group in Vegas. In doing so, another passion was brought back to life.
Her fascination with the spirit world inspired her to team up with a colleague.
Forming CAT Parapsychic, together and with other team members, they investigate
all things paranormal.

MaryLynn has several blogs she keeps updated on a regular
basis. Her book blog can be found at
Her Paranormal blog can be found at

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