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ARC Review: The Token by Marata Eros

Title: The Token by Marata Eros

Series: (The Token #1)

Publication date: December 25th, 2013

Genres: Erotica, Romance

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Synopsis:  Twenty-two year old Faren Mitchell hears the two words that change her abbreviated life forever. They’re so final Faren decides she has nothing to lose by seizing every remaining moment of what life has to offer.

Until Faren collides with a motorcycle ridden by billionaire Jared McKenna.

Even the dark secret of her past and catharsis as a physical therapist can’t save Faren from the sexual spiral that waits for her in the arms of a man who commits to no one. When circumstances force her to get a second job as an exotic dancer, Faren never imagines how close that choice will bring her to the brink of a new reality she is unequipped to handle.

My Rant: 

The Token is erotically dark and captivating. The storyline kept me at the edge of my seat and an emotional mess. Faren is broken, believe it or not that is how I like to see my damsels in distress but she is also so much more than being weak. Inside her demeanor there lies a warrior willing to fight although she faces the reality as a losing battle. There are so many obstacles for her to overcome that she begins to tackle them all at once. This new found bravery comes from her interaction with Jared. What I like about his character is that he is not perfect although you want him to be that way. Marata takes a realistic approach to this story because although Jared has everything he could ever want he doesn't have what his heart desires and thats when the story becomes really intense. You can feel the push and pull between Faren and Jared. The tug of war of love, affection, infatuation and lust begins to take a tole you because you want the romance to be easy but its not and I love that factor of the story. I like that the author enjoys toying with your emotions. The story line is addictive and when the villain steps on the scene your hearts pounding with anticipation and the cliff hanger leaves you reeling in a bundle of nerves. 

My Recommendation: 

Overall I really enjoyed this story and would look forward to reading the next installment, The Token #2. I rated this book 5 out of 5 purple Rant Hearts and would recommend this story to anyone one that loves their romances dark, suspenseful and full of anguish. 

FTC Disclosure:  I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.

The Token Series

Marata Eros (a pseudonym for Tamara Rose Blodgett) is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of dark, romantic new adult novels, including A Terrible Love and its companion novel A Brutal Tenderness. A passionate writer who loves interacting with her readers, Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband.

Tamara Rose Blodgett's Blog: http://tamararoseblodgett.blogspot.com/


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