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The Not-So Dead (Tristan) by Isaiyan Morrison

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Salome by Isaiyan Morrison
Isaiyan Morrison is slowly
introducing us to some new characters (every two weeks) in her upcoming all new
paranormal/urban fantasy trilogy The Not-So Dead. The first full length title
in the trilogy will be releasing in Jan 2020
So if you’re ready to
meet these new characters and the world they live in

Our fifth character we get to meet is Tristan 

Name: Tristan

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Irish

Height: 5’7

Build: Average

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: mocha brown

Characteristics: Sanguine or upbeat people look on the bright side – they’re ‘glass half full’ types who tend towards cheerfulness and usually bounce back easily from setbacks.

Jester of the group. Nothing is ever serious when he’s involved. His earlier life as an outlaw in the Wild West left him with little regard for being on the right side of the law.

Life has always been a game, especially now that he’s immortal. Yet, that hasn’t stopped him from following his mother’s advice to dream big.

He is a character in The Not-So Dead, which will be released on January 21st, 2020.


Below you
can find an Excerpt from The Not-So Dead (Book 1)
January 21st, 2020

With her backpack in hand, Faye watched the smoldering fire wither itself out as Dusk and Salome headed inside.

Tristan knelt next to the fire pit, watching the smoke cobra its way into the air. “Still mad at me, New Blood?”


“Oh!” He stood. “Never heard you curse like that before.”

“Not at you. Well,” she recanted, “yeah, at you, but more at Dusk than anything.”

“Really? Not me? I was the one who told them.”

“He’s lying.”

Tristan approached her. “Lying about what?”

“Dark magic. He told me he never heard of it.”

Tristan pursed his lips.

“How can he have never heard of it yet Maddy knew about it?” She dug into her backpack and pulled out the piece of paper with the cryptic writing.

Tristan studied the paper. “Looks like chicken scratch to me.”

“That”—she pointed at the phrase Dark Magic on the paper—“is not chicken scratch. Carter mentioned it earlier today, and when I asked Dusk, he didn’t know what I was talking about. You should’ve seen him, Tristan. He wasn’t expecting a question like that.”

“Neither would I.” He handed it back to her. “Maddy was always thinking about ways to leave this family. Remember the one time when she talked about joining the circus?”

“But Carter mentioned it.”

“Since when did you start believing some human you just met over Dusk?”

“Aren’t you curious?”

“No, not really.”

She stuffed the paper back into her bag. “I’m going to find out tomorrow night.”

“Find out what?” Tristan eyed her.

“What dark magic is.”

“You’re going to do something Maddy would do, aren’t you?”

“Maybe.” She turned around. “And I honestly don’t care if you tell them. Knowing how blindly loyal you are to him, I expect you to.” She walked back to the house.

“Hey, wait a sec, New Blood.” He took her by the arm and yanked her back. “Now isn’t the right time to go all gung ho and on your own out there. It’s dangerous, and we still don’t know anything about the human who killed Maddy.”

“I don’t plan on being on my own, Tristan.”

He released her. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately.”

“Maddy’s death, that’s what. It’s like you all don’t care that someone we knew was just killed.”

“I just went out there trying to track him down, remember?” he argued back. “Of course I care.” He lowered his voice. “What’s really going on with you?”

She didn’t want to tell him there was a pull, inside herself, to find Carter. How could she explain it when she didn’t know much about it herself?

“Maddy is dead. We aren’t. You gotta act rationally if you don’t want to end up like her, New Blood,” he said.

She looked out at the horizon. “Dusk knows something. I can feel it.”

“Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. Dusk has his moments, and he does irritate me at times, but he only wants what’s best,” he said. “Trust in the family, Faye, because all we have is each other.”

WOW another great excerpt. I love meeting these characters. Do you? Each new character we meet makes me anxious for January to get here.

We Just Meet Tristan.  He sounds like he's gonna be the joker of the bunch he is gonna be a lot of fun read. The kind of person that can make you smile even when your down yeah I think Tristan is going to be that type of character. Let’s face it we all need someone like Tristan in our lives.

Follow this link http://bit.ly/2s7tWCs to see a sneak peek into Tristan’s Short Story on Isaiyan’s website where she will have a couple of chapters of Tristan’s Short Story to read and if you like what you read you can download his short story for FREE (You read that correctly FREE) via a book funnel link. While You Are There Checking out Tristan’s’s Story Grab Faye, Maddy, Salome's, and Dusk’s Stories as well you know you want too. These characters are amazing. This trilogy is sure be the urban fantasy of 2020.

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