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Salome's Story from The Not-So Dead by Isaiyan Morrison

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Salome by Isaiyan Morrison
Isaiyan Morrison is slowly
introducing us to some new characters (every two weeks) in her upcoming all new
paranormal/urban fantasy trilogy The Not-So Dead. The first full length title
in the trilogy will be releasing in Jan 2020
So if you’re ready to
meet these new characters and the world they live in
Our second character we
get to meet is Salome

Color: Jet Black Hair
Color: Smoky Gray

Salome is
the matriarch of a nomadic family of wraiths.
Her short
story takes place in 1960’s suburbia. Newly married, Salome dreams of a life
outside the large house her rich husband bought shortly after their marriage.
But when an attractive friend of her husband’s shows up one day,
Melancholic: Detailed and oriented melancholic people are obsessed with finding
the right solution than being right. They worry about what others thing and
tend to place guilt for bad happenings upon themselves. They are somewhat
perfectionists and always strive to make the right decisions.
Pet Peeve:
Making the wrong decision

Okay I
don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to read more about these characters and their
Below you
can find an Excerpt from The Not-So Dead (Book 1)
January 21st, 2020

crouched in a spot just off the path next to a large opened umbrella that
provided a small spot of protection from the rays that managed to slip through
an overhead canopy. She wore a sleeveless white and red polka dot maxi dress
and a broad sunhat with big, flashy red sunglasses.
As Faye drew closer, she noticed the trowel in Salome’s right hand and a pile
of dead flowers beside her.
            She looked up. “Could you grab that
bag of dirt behind you, please?”
            Faye turned and lifted a small bag
of rich dirt from the ground and she carried it over to her.
            “Thank you, dear.” Salome smiled. “I
would have gotten them myself, but then I’d have to move the umbrella back and
forth, which is always a hassle.”
aren’t you wearing more layers or doing this at night?” Faye couldn’t help but
            “Well that would be easier.” Salome
frowned. “But there’s something so beautiful about gardening in the sun. Come!
You can help me plant.” She grabbed a wilted flower and handed it to her.
noticed that it only had one petal, which barely hung to the stem. “Salome…this
flower is...”
            “Is what?”
            “It’s dead.”
            She titled her head to the side. “It
just needs some love and care. It’ll come back in life in no time.”
            Salome was a constant gardener in
every place they called home but this was the first time that Faye witnessed
her weird obsession up close. Tristan told her once that she yearned for the
life she had before being a wraith. She had been far from having a green thumb
then and she was miles away from having one now.
place doesn’t feel like home.” This time she plopped a half-broken stem into a
hole and filled it with dirt. “And the backyard is a travesty. It needs a
little sprucing, don’t you think?”
shrugged and knelt beside Salome. She watched as Salome grabbed another dead
flower from her pile. “In a few weeks they’ll be as gorgeous as ever.”
One by
one, Faye helped her plant a neat row consisting of broken stems and more dead
flowers. After they finished, Salome slipped off her gloves and folded them in
her lap.
“I can’t
help but to think about Maddy.”  Her
voice shook. “That girl was stubborn and reckless, but she was one of us. She
was family. She was the youngest of us before you came along, Faye. She was our
little rebel. It’s hard to believe that she was taken so horribly.”
watched Salome from of the corner of her eye, not daring to say anything.
never really had a family, even before she became one of us. The first time we
met her, Dusk and I caught her trying to steal the van. She looked so haggard
and lost. She didn’t know what happened to her. No one really does when a
wraith takes them in the way that one took her.”
“Is there
a difference?” Faye asked. “I thought it was all the same.”
result is the same. We become wraiths. We become the dead, or the not-so dead
as we like to say,” she answered. “Wraiths can be so careless when leeching.
But the process depends on the wraith who took you. Maddy said it was horrible.
For years it fed from her, taking a little here and there, until it took too
much and it killed her and…well, you know what happens after that.”
didn’t mention that part to me.”
“She only
told Dusk and he told me. Maddy was adamant about keeping that part of her a
looked down at the newly turned soil. “I’m so sorry, Salome.”
pulled off her sunglasses and reached over to take Faye’s hand, “No, dear. It’s
not your fault. There was nothing you could have done. I know how you must be
feeling, but don’t you dare blame yourself for this. I know where that road
 Faye looked up into Salome’s warm and
squinting eyes. There was no judgment, no blame. All she saw was a tender,
caring spirit. It didn’t take away the guilt or the pain, but it made the guilt
easier to bear.

WOW that’s a great excerpt. I loved meeting Faye
and Maddy. Did you?
Let’s Meet Salome (the matriarch) this time.  She sounds like she maybe a laid back character
that still has that air of respect.
this link  http://bit.ly/35RVytH  to see a sneak peek into Salome’s Short Story
on Isaiyan’s website where she will have a couple of chapters of Salome’s Short
Story to read and if you like what you read you can download Salome’s Short
Story for FREE (You read that correctly FREE) via a book funnel link. While You
Are There Checking out Salome’s Story Grab Faye and Maddy’s. These characters
are amazing. This trilogy is sure be the urban fantasy of 2020. 

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