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Excerpt & #GIVEAWAY Deception by @IsaiyanMorrison

Title: Deception

Author: Isaiyan Morrison

Series: Deamhan Chronicles (#3)

Genre: Adult/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Dark Fiction

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: Feb 11 2016

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print

Blurb/Synopsis: The death of prominent Deamhan elders has left a gaping hole in their society. Amenirdis, the Queen of Limbo and the Dark Mother of Deamhan, is now loose in the world. Her plans for total annihilation of her kind rests on the blood of Maris and the Dark Curse tablet. News of her release has also awaken the Dorvo Coven; vampires who consider themselves the arch enemies of Deamhan. One in particular hunts for the Dark Curse tablet with a means to exterminate every Deamhan on the face of the planet. In order to do so she must collect the broken Dark Curse tablet and the blood of Maris.
However, there are some Deamhan who won’t go down without a fight. No one is safe. Not even the supernatural baddies who hide in the shadows of their dark underworld.

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Veronica. He never grew tired of hearing her name. Not once could he forget her smell, how smooth her skin felt, how her plush lips begged to be kissed by his own. How badly he wanted her that he would kill anyone or anything who stood in his way just to see her. He promised himself to never forget the first time he laid eyes on her when she walked into the vampire club, Dark Sepulcher. After she found out about her father, she spent countless nights in her room, sobbing quietly. He wanted to caress her then. He wanted to hold her and tell her that he would do whatever she wanted him to. She called his love for her nothing more than infatuation, but Remy begged to differ. She said that Deamhan didn’t have the ability to love and he wanted to prove her wrong. I love her, I love her. He repeated the phrase so many times in his head that he couldn’t do anything but believe it.
If my sire could only see me now.
Mr. Austin threw the empty bottle at Remy, hitting him in the chest.
“That wasn’t nice.”
“What in the hell do you know about nice?” Mr. Austin’s shoulders moved up and down as he laughed. “You Deamhan aren’t exactly known for being cordial.”
Remy grabbed the food off the table and placed it on the bed. “Now eat up.”
Mr. Austin started with the sweet roll, gobbling it up in large bites. Remy’s sight didn’t sway from his mouth, noticing how human spit mingled with the food, making the contents soft and wet enough to chew and swallow.
Again, it reminded him of the food he loved to consume as a human. “You never know how much you miss something until you’re no longer able to do it.”
Mr. Austin peeled back his banana and stopped to glare at him.
“I know I can eat and swallow, but my body won’t digest it. I don’t like the idea of puking it back up and out of my mouth. It’s such a hassle and it’s messy.”
Mr. Austin returned to eating his banana.
“But I understand the necessity of it.”
After he finished, he threw the peel at Remy’s feet. “You have no right to keep me here.” He wiped his left hand on his dingy pants.
Remy sighed. Here we go again.
“What you’re doing is illegal.”
“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m doing this to protect you? Your Brotherhood fan-boy club can’t be trusted.” Every night the old man went on a tangent about keeping him prisoner at the farmhouse, regardless of how many times Remy mentioned the dangers lurking in the city. In no way would he allow Mr. Austin to place himself in danger. He had to stay alive if he wanted to get to Veronica back. Her father was his only leverage. “We’ve been over this before. The Brotherhood considers you dead and your shining example of a protégé, Kenneth, has become the President of the Midwest Division. May I remind you that he betrayed you and left you for dead? It’s his fault that you no longer have a right hand, and your daughter is being held against her will.”
“As long as she’s far away from your kind.”
He scrunched his lips. “You know, we aren’t as bad as you make us out to be.”
“Bullshit. All you Deamhan care about are yourselves. No one else.”
Remy couldn’t deny the truth. It wasn’t the first time the old man spurted out nasty, evil, little tidbits about a Deamhan’s nature. If a Deamhan did anything good in his or her life, they did it for their own gain and nothing more. If Mr. Austin wasn’t Veronica’s father, Remy would’ve left him at Ollie’s warehouse to die with the other humans. Even the thought of what he did for Nathan came down to the fact that he received something that benefited him in return. Remy jumped at the chance when Nathan allowed him to stay at Blind Bluff Manor. What Deamhan wouldn’t when it came to free room and board? Everything he ever did since becoming a Lamia was for his own benefit and nothing more. He couldn’t fathom going out of his way for anyone except Veronica, but his desire to free her came down to exactly that. What he desired and what he craved became the only tolerable thing in the world. Her.
“And I’ve said it before,” Mr. Austin continued to bark. “I can handle that son of a bitch.”
“Kenneth?” He laughed. “Like you handled him at the warehouse? How’d that work out for you?” That will make him shut up. He gathered the trash and stuffed it back in his saddle bag. “I would love to chat, but I have important things to do before sunrise.” He draped it over his shoulder. “I’m leaving now. Oh, I don’t think I have to remind you how important it is that you stay here.” He turned and headed for the door.
Remy paused in his step. “Excuse me?”
“You said you’re going to bring coffee tomorrow night,” Mr. Austin said. “Make sure it’s hazelnut flavored and bring a fucking coffee maker. And I want a cigar.”
“Smoking isn’t good for you.”
“Bring me a fucking cigar!”
Remy grinned. “A cigar and hazelnut coffee it is.” He walked up the stairs, closing the door behind him. He grabbed the chain and lock, securing the door shut before venturing out into the open.


A veteran of the Armed Forces, Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minneapolis. Her passions include writing, reading, and researching historical events. She also spends her time gardening, playing video games, and hanging out with her three cats and beloved Pitt bull.

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