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Book Review and Giveaway: The Token #7 by Marata Eros

Title: The Token # 7

Author: Marata Eros 

Series: (The Token )

Publication Date: 
July 25th 2014

Genres: Erotica, Romance, New Adult

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Thorn is sent to open new flesh clubs for billionaire Jared "Mick" McKenna. When he returns, certain truths are revealed from the past that cause a shift he's unprepared for.

Kiki confronts Thorn with the truth and he denies her. Kiki wants something from Thorn he's unable to give. Instead, he dives into the mystery of a past that holds abuse, survival and dark secrets that only the two of them hold the key to unlock.

Can Kiki and Thorn transcend the demons of past circumstances to live how they were meant to? Or will some ghosts seek vengeance no matter how long they've been buried...?

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.

My Rant: I have long awaited this release of Thorn and boy was the book what I expected an more. Marata starts this book with a kick butt beginning because you get the back story to Thorns hidden demons. You get to see why thorn could be such a prick but an amazing, sexy, alpha hero with attitude. When I began The Token Series I hated Thorn and his wishy washy attitude, that has all changed now. It was compelling to read such a moving story of perseverance. Thorn is Thorn and his past has shaped his development but what you get in this book is a emotionally impacted story. Thorn is trying to cope with all the recent events that has happen to his friend McKenna and Faren and that leaves Thron memories open to the past. His wounds are laid bare after the lost of his mother  and now he has to put the pieces together to find some solace with himself. Just when Thorn has the nerve to confront his past, in comes Simone and her deep dark past. Thorn is struck by this mixed beauty and he begins to feel torn about being so attached to her and I cant blame him. Simone happens to be perfect for Thorn, She is strong, independent and a fierce character to be reckoned with. When Thorn and Simone collide you can feel the impact in the pages. Marata spins this loves story with so much aggression she leaved imprints on your imagination. The scenes are smokin hot and the romance between the two build with incredible momentum. 

I was so glad to see my girl kiki is still in the story. She sassy witty and down right the home girl you need to have in  a pickle. Kiki bring a lot to the story because some of her background is come into the light. Kiki has her own past but it seems she is going to have an interesting future because sin is an mysterious but wicked character and I love that about him. You get to see the chemistry between Kiki and Sin and you cant help to have your mouth water about the next installment of the series. 

Thorn has a new villain and OMG he is ferocious. When Marata writes characters like this you get to see how dark and tormenting she can really be. This character has the hair on my neck standing at attention. The plot is full with action and a lot of emotional angst. Marata writing style is captivating and intriguing and you cant get enough of the Token Series and its drama and unbelievable cast of misfit characters that seem to find a way into your heart. I love Marata's work because she explores the unknown with her stories. She writes with such an intriguing and vivid flair that you cannot deny her talents. If you have not grabbed a copy of The Token Series you are missing out on a real treat that could sate your book frenzy addiction. 

Oh an by the way did I mention that I am giving away all 7 e-books, so join in on the giveaway.

My Recommendation: 

Overall I love this book and the Token Series. I rated this book 5 out of 5 Purple Rant Hearts and would recommend this book to anyone that loves a romance that is an emotional roller-coaster that is full of action. This book has all the elements of a great story with a edgy twist. . I will be adding the Token 7 to my favorites list. 

The Token Series

Marata Eros (a pseudonym for Tamara Rose Blodgett) is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of dark, romantic new adult novels, including A Terrible Love and its companion novel A Brutal Tenderness. A passionate writer who loves interacting with her readers, Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband.

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