Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Druid Breeders Novel By Marata Eros

I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed the series of the Druid Breeders and was excited to see that the author continued with the story by writing the novel and I look forward to this novel turning into a series.
The book is about a raging war in survival.  The faction, reapers, vampires and priest must race to fight for the druids in order to preserve their coven.  Each coven wants the druids for either their magic or breading in order to tip the scale in the battle against their enemies. There are so few druids left, so to preserve their coven the reapers make a pact with the druid’s guardian Jasmine. Both Druids and Reapers must complete a ritual in breeding in order to preserve the life line of the reapers and to start the new world order while the priests are plotting to steal the druids to increase their magic. The faction are watching and plotting their own strategies to inquire the druids for themselves.  In the mist, there lies an important trump card that no one is expecting. A druid queen with exotic blood a rare lineage that is so sought after. As the war begins to collide the druid queen’s father must race to join the battle in order to save his daughter. Black magic and the undead make an appearance in this battle; and it’s hard to tell who is friend or foe because there is trickery amidst.

I loved this book and its characters.  There is a lot action, suspense and a whole lot of sexy males with off the chart alpha male attitude. The steamy scenes will have you blowing smoke right out of your ears. This book is definitely too hot for TV. LOL. I loved the fact that some of the characters I have grown to love from the previous druid breeder’s books make an appearance in the novella. Tarrin and Kael were two of my favorite characters, they are great warriors with kick ass attitude but that does not take away from the new characters that step on the scene Magnus, Baird, Quinn and Carrig had major sex appeal dripping from the book. It was impressive to see that the heroines of the book were just as courageous as the males and the author captured their strengths. Imogen, Siana and Seraphina could bang with the boys on their best day. I also love the fact that the story takes place before the druid breeder’s series.  We the readers are given more insight to Tarrins back story.

 Although you can read this novel as a standalone, I highly recommend that you take the time to read the Druid Breeder’s Series to follow the future events that are taking place in the story. I really heart this author and encourage fellow readers to read her books you can find marata on goddreads by clicking here and her blog by clicking here.

I gave this book 4 ½ stars and would recommended this book to anyone who enjoys dark erotica with a twist. 


  1. this book sounds interesting....also thanks for the giveaway...there is no comment link on that post :)

  2. Thanks so much for reading my work and spreading the word, Crystal! :)


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