Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dream Chaser (Dark Hunter Series)

I enjoyed Xypher and Simone's book. I was intrigued by Xypher when we fist me him in Katra's book. In her book we got a glimpse to why Xypher was dammed but the book never explained his actions to why he did what he did until his own book. Xypher was never the one who drove countless human to kill themselves or go mad, it was Satara's doing. I despised Artemis but I hate Satara more. Hopefully the mega bitch get exactly what she deserves and to think Xypher rotted in hell because of her. I thought we would be rid of Satara and Xypher would have claimed his revenge once he killed her but I see Ms. Kenyon has something more installed for this character. I loved Simone has the heroine she had spark. I would have never guess she was an half demon that had powers to rival any enemy. Jessie, Glora and Tate were great supporting characters and they made the story so golden with there own added experiences and humor. Acheron and Kat make a short appearence in the book to assist Xypher, Xedrix and Simone in their trials. It was shocking to find out that the Dimme Kerryna was not what I expected her to be. From Kat and Sins book we think that all the Dimme are reckless and bent in destroying the universe but it seems that not  case with Kerryna. I wonder if this will change the coarse of the Dark-Hunters story. Jaden on the other hand is in a league of his own. I wonder if we will see this character gain in other stories. He wills a power that is unknown to us but there is someone pulling his chains...... What scary thought that is. I wonder if we will soon find out who. But who ever it is i feel that they would make an appearance soon since Jaden acquired certain items to immobilize a god. I really enjoyed this book and I am anxious to see what part it plays in the series as a whole. In all i gave it 5 stars.

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