Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Acheron - (Dark Hunter Series)

The first part of the book was very depressing. I did not believe my co-workers when they told me that it took them a long time to get through part 1. Just when I thought I could get past one of Ash's horrible trials, boom there is another. My heart could not bare Ash's horrible past. I still sob as I am writing this review. I can't imagine experiencing half of what Ash has been through. I also learn in this book that I completely hate Artemis........ Yes she is quite the mega b**ch and some. Ash loved her and she through it down the toilet because of her reputation. She cared so much about what the other god thought of her, even when they treated her like crap.  Apollo is also on my Sh**t list of characters and at the beginning of part 1 Styxx was too. The only joy I had in reading the first book was when Apollomi started poofing those sorry a** gods in to oblivion. Oh the tangle webs they weaved LMAO..... Part two was actually very funny and uplifting. Finally Ash has met a women that would give him quite the run for his money. Tory was the perfect mate for him and I am happy that he finally found someone he could love and trust. The fascinating part to the book was when all the ex dark-hunters and dark hunters got together to help Ash. I just wanted to jump for joy at everyone's willingness to help. Although I dislike Nick at this moment my resolve softens, because some where deep down inside Nick wants to do right by Ash but he just hasn't learned to put his hatred aside. The alliance between nick and Stryker is destroyed and Stryker is hell bent on getting revenge on Satara's death. Again in book 2 we see just how selfish Artemis is, she denies to feed Acheron and he go mad with starvation. Once he is out of control  Artemis loured Tory to olympus and threw Tory in the room with Ash and let him feast on her until he killed her.. :-( but given what happen, Apollomi was able to give Tory some of her powers and send Tory soul back so that Ash could bound with her just to get her son away from Artemis. And lets not forget about the smack down Tory put on Artemis. I laughed so hard during this part I cried. I am interested to see how all these changes will play out in the other books now that alliances are broken and new ones are formed. Hopefully sometime in the near future Ms. Kenyon will allow us to get a glimpse of Salvitor's and Jaden's story. I would love to get more of an insight on Apollomi and Salvitors relationship...lol. Even though I cried through most of part 1, I really enjoyed Acheron's book.

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