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Review: Epiphany (Legacy of Payne #1) by Christina Jean Michaels

Title: Epiphany ( Book #1)

Author: Christina Jean Michaels

Genre: New Adult , Mystery, Contemporary Romance

Series: Legacy of Payne Series

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Book Blurb: “I had my first psychic dream when I was nine. Psychic implied power, and powerful wasn’t a word I’d use to describe myself. I couldn’t foretell the future or conjure visions at will, but I couldn’t think of a more fitting word to describe what I sometimes saw in my dreams.”

For 23-year-old Mackenzie Hill, tossing her life down the garbage disposal is easy after a painful incident shatters her life. Her heart is bleeding, and moving to Watcher’s Point is a chance to start anew, only she isn’t prepared for the guy who walks out of her dreams and into the flesh. Literally . . . because she’s been dreaming about this sexy stranger for years.

Mackenzie is even less prepared to face the dark nature of her dreams. They’ve turned disturbingly gruesome, full of blood and murder, and when they begin to coincide with the media’s headlines, she and Aidan realize her visions might be the key to stopping a madman from killing again.

Only Aidan has painful secrets of his own, and perhaps the biggest danger of all is falling for him.

***Mature Content Warning*** 17+ for sexy adult situations, language, and disturbing subject matter.

My Rant:

Epiphany was amazing. I completely fell in love with this story between Mac and Aiden. The book begins with Mac kidnapped and held hostage by the serial murderer and I was already gripping the sheets. Your completely terrified that he is going to murder Mac before we even had a chance to meet her. My heart is racing and to my relief the books switched gears and we are back in the past where the story begins. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Sometimes it is better to not get attached to a character before they are murdered in the story but what interested me more was the fact that I wanted to know how it all began.

Mac was an interesting character. She was strong and vulnerable at the same time. Her gift allowed her to get a glimpse of the past and present when it game down to the murders but you never new the extent of her gift. But when she met Aiden the gift seemed to go further than what I expected. In the beginning of the book you are not quite sure why Mac left her family the way she did but you noticed that there was something looming. Mac was broken in more ways that one and the authors unravels these little twisted secrets in an explosive haze.

Aiden the mysterious stranger to the new town seems to be a little off himself. But when you meet him in the book, you know for sure he has the heart of an alpha male and a hero. but he is so broken himself that you just want to hod him and tell him that he is going to be ok. Aiden does not let you exploit him easily. He harbors his secrets because he is terrified to let anyone in because he is on one mission of self destruction. Aiden is so deep in his mystery that you want to rush in and save him because your heart is breaking for him.

When Aiden and Mac collide there is an explosion of love that is so heartfelt that it makes you feel all tingly inside but your stripped of of it sometimes because the killer is lurking, plotting twisted and evil things. Murders are taking place and our hero and heroine are rushing to save as many victims as they can before the murder captures another.

Aiden and Mac's relationship begins to bloom but there is so much heartache that you don't think they are going to make it. And just when you think that have built an iron clad shield through some of the most explosive sex scenes in the book that builds their bond stronger, someone is ripping more holes into them with secrets, terrible secrets that just may destroy the both of them. Sometimes the things that hurt you the most come from the people that are closes to you, and Mac and Aiden learn that concept through their trials and tribulations in this story.

The storyline is completely wicked. Just when I think that I am going to recover, we the readers are hit with more drama and chaos. WTF, LOL, I have dropped the f bomb plenty of times in this book because the roller coaster ride of the storyline never lets up. Are you intrigued……..well you should be. Epiphany is a action packed suspense thriller that will keep you up all night. Honestly I didn't get much sleep because I needed to finish the book and just when i think that its over the author leaves us wanting more with the ending. Fortunately there will be a book two to the series.

My recommendation:

I rated this book 5 out of 5 Purple Rant Heart and would Recommend this book to anyone one that loves suspense with their romance. This book is being added to my 2013 Favs list.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.

Happy Ranting and Raving !!!


  1. Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing review! I love that you thought the storyline was "wicked." LOL! I had a few moments of maniacal laughing when I was coming up with it.

  2. There were so many twist and turns it was amazing. I loved it.

  3. WOW! Sounds like a emotionally intense and riveting story. Your passionate review completely sold me.

  4. Thanks for sharing your review, sounds like a great book.


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