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Review: Call of Vampire by Gayla Twist

Author: Gayla Twist

Genre: YA

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Book Blurb: Aurora Keys has dreamed of the Vanderlind Castle ever since she was a little girl. But the fiercely private Vanderlinds keep the massive structure strictly off limits to visitors. Until one night, the wealthy family throws a party—not just a small soiree, but a huge black-tie affair. No one from the town of Tiburon, Ohio, is invited—not even the mayor. But Aurora’s best friend, Blossom, has a foolproof plan for the two of them to sneak in.

At first, everything goes smoothly: the girls enter the castle undetected, and there is free champagne. But then the handsome Jessie Vanderlind sweeps Aurora into his arms, crushing her to his chest and whispering, “I knew you’d come back to me.”

Aurora understands it is a case of mistaken identity, but she feels connected to him somehow. And the boy is so beautiful, she believes she would be happy if he never let her go.

Once Jessie realizes he is mistaken, his smile quickly changes to a scowl. “You must leave,” he tells her in a low, urgent voice. “Immediately. Come! I’ll find a way to get you out.”

Unbeknownst to Aurora and Blossom, they have snuck into the home of one of the most prestigious vampire families in the world, and it is doubtful the two young women will ever be allowed to leave. Aurora’s resemblance to Jessie Vanderlind’s lost love just may be the only thing keeping them alive.

My Rant:

Here is another story I completely fell in love with. Jessie and Aurora story was so touching. There is such a connection to the characters that you being to feel the since of warmth as their story unfolds. The love story that is told is completely innocent and charismatic and you have a sense of what true love should be like, you can feel it as your reading. I got so wrapped in the story I lost track of time and completely devoured the book in one sitting.

Aurora was the type of character that was strong and witty but smart. I loved the fact that she was not always careless. She was a thinker ands she was compassionate and caring the type of friend you wanted in your corner.  I found it interesting that I was being taught some life lessons while reading this story through this character.

Jessie was amazing.  He had the boy next-door kind of feel to his character but yet you suspected there was something else lurking about. But he was the type of character girls would crush over. Handsome with fangs, you all know I feel about my vampires.

The author takes you on a wild ride. You seem to feel like there is a mystery lodge in this story and you want to work with the characters to figure it out. I began to get anxious because I want Jessie and Aurora to be together but I yearned, like the characters to piece together what happen with Colette.  The author’s writing style is amazing, because she makes you think that she is going to give away the answer and before you know it the story completely takes a shift that is unexpected and leaves you in pieces. Literally I am in pieces. I am an emotional wreck because of it. How can I work so hard on this forbidden love story and I find out my characters can’t even be together. Oh the agony this is causing me. I love every moment of this anguish. I am always a sucker for a heart breaking forbidden love story.

My Recommendation:

I rated this book 5 out of 5 purple rant hearts and would recommend the Call of Vampire to anyone that loves a YA paranormal Romance with a cliffhanger ending. 

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FTC Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the author, editor, publisher, or Promo Host. This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one.

Happy Ranting and Raving!!! 


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