Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Silent Night - Dark Hunter Series - Sherrilyn Kenyon

One silent night was a great book. This book showed that Stryker had a soft side to his wicked ways. It was funny to see how everything turned out. War is exactly what his name stands for; he was very cunning and wicked. Stryker was dumb to think that he could control war. Nick has finally grown into a powerful figure in this book now that his background is exposed and his powers are finally unleashed. Strange how things pan out, nick finally has the power to kill Ash, but because he had the capabilities to do it, he is struggling with the fact that he should or should not do it. What was interesting to me, was that they all had to work together to stop war. In this book we see alliances we have never seen before. Somehow I think that these temporary alliances will eventually change the future.  It’s hard to tell what direction this book is going in. In this book we are introduced to new villains that are a lot stronger than the last but it looks as if something more powerful is going to come through.  Now that the Daimon’s absorbed the Gallu’s power they are more powerful than before. I wonder if the will still be the complete enemies of the Dark Hunters, or will they turn out to be acquaintances. I loved Stykers book and could rate it no less than 5 stars.

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