Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sins of the Night - Dark Hunter Series- (Book 8) and Second Chances - Analogy

Danger's book was good but I think it could have been better. For me the book started out slow and the steamy scenes were average, what is going on with the dark hunter romance?  These guys and girls are immortal they can do what they want, there's no right to put a limitation on the

What is the book about? Alexion the first shade and Acheron right hand man was sent to the dark hunters in Mississippi to pass judgement on them or help them to save themselves. In the process he met danger and fell in love with her, but they cant be together due to Alexion's situation.

 In this book we get to meet Simi's sister, who has bonded herself to Alexion. The Daimon Styker is at it again, but this time he is more clever about it. His heart still ached because he still felt the pain of killing his son Urian. I wonder if the destroyer will finally pass judgement on Stryker for trying to kill her son. She is well aware of his plot but yet she does nothing. I  guess we need to continue to read to find out. But in the end Urian and his father came face to face at an exploding scene of the book  where danger is dying. :-(  I cried at that part.

At the end of the Dangers book the author gives you a glance in the dark-hunters past and tells the story of Ias ( the first dark-hunter shade and how he became a shade), Kyros and the other first born dark-hunters after Acheron. It outlines the dark-hunters laws and gives us a glimpse into the bargain Acheron has made to the  b***ch goddess Artemis as Simi would say. Simi is character I would like to see have her own book LOL.

Second Chances

I am reading the Dark-Hunter series according to Maryse recommendation. When I finished Sins of The Night I went right in to the analogy, Second Chances, which is in the Dark-Hunter Insider Guide. In the short story Ach goes to Hades in order to stop his twin brother suffering. Acheron learns quickly that his brother Stixx's wants to accept him and learn to love him. Ach craved to have his family love him most of his life and still craves it but can Stixx be trusted after all the things he has done to Ach in the past. Will they ever bridge that gap between them since they were both destined to share a fate. I dont know, But i hope we find out. I find that the short stories add a little extra details that you don't get in the books within the series.

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