Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spartacus Vengeance -Season 2 - episode 1

Fugitivus - For all of you that are Spartacus fans can relate to what I am about to type..... I miss Andy Whitfield. The new guy is good and resembles Andy but its hard to adjust to the new actor after watching the complete series with Andy in it as Spartacus.

On to the fun stuff, come on already can they just kill Lucretia and be done with her ugh.  The B**tch is back, and all I can say is, I expect her to be as conniving as she was in the first and second seasons. I was sad to see Amelia had to die but hopefully the roman general gets what he deserves when Spartacus kills him. I like this episode, but I needed to see the gladiators in action more. I don't feel there was enough blood being drawn but of course with Spartacus you will get a lot of the nudity and sex scenes, the Romans are freeeeeaaaaks LMAO. Hopefully the next episode would offer more battle scenes.


  1. I seen some of the series but not all , in i have to say when you get use to one actor playing a part in a roll, its hard to see the actor leave or pass away because it will never be another.. LMBO

    1. I know. I so miss Andy, the new guy looks like him but I still think Andy is better. Well I guess I have to get used to the new guy. Thanks for the comment.


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